Not So Valentine

#Not So Valentine: The Ugly Side of Love

We love to gift cards, roses, gifts and many more things on the Valentine’ day and we love to do that. You may do these all stuff but you will not believe in true love. So, you confessed your love to someone you love then why would you bring them for date. Then you want to do that then what are you going to do accordingly?

Am just taking about the views on love and you need to look at the kind of these stuffs. There are lots of people who celebrate this day. Even there are some people listen to this method but will not go with the idea. There are some more people who even doesn’t like this day and struggling to ban this very hardly.

So, this is the situation in our country. You can even find a day with a true love here. Here we will share some real love stories happened in our country then right after hearing them you can’t control your tears.

Caught in the act!

So, here is a small story in that the names of the people are changed. This happened in last year’s Valentine day.  Abhi noticed that his wife Sonu talking to some other person on her phone. Then he started to enquire her that who she is talking too. She said that he was her friend but the doubt remained in Abhi’s mind.

Later on…

Abhi set a recording feature on the phone then he recorded the phone calls going through her phone. He listened the record audio call from her phone and get to know the allege affair of his wife. Then he informed that to her family. Then her family members asked her to talk about it but she didn’t.

Now Abhi told her wife to leave his home with all her stuffs. He just packed the bags and got down to bring the car to leave her home. Then suddenly she ran inside the home and drank poison. Then he rushed to hospital with her but it was all over at that time.

Case 2:

This is one of the horrifying cases in valentine’s day. A man murdered his wife on the wedding day. This is the really cruel one because what happened next to it makes you cry. He just cut her body into piece which cannot be identified in any manner. Even that was not the end. Then he slept with same body for a week then got her body out of the house.


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