Android’s Facebook App Use Now Surpasses Apple Facebook App Use

Applications are the main associated with attraction in smartphones dish. Majority of the Facebook users spend most of their time in using Facebook applications. In fact, smartphones doesn’t sound interesting without such attractive applications.
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In the year 2008, we saw the first Facebook mobile application for iPhone, Apple. A year later, the social network company launched a version for Android supported cellular devices. After that, iOS keeps on updating its application to help keep ahead in the competition and it also succeeds into that.

But according to if you statistics by the independent application measuring service – AppData, Android based Facebook application has finally overtaken iPhone Facebook application in its daily users. According to AppData analytical reports, the Android app had 58.3 million daily users on 17th December, 2011 while regarding same day iPhone’s app daily users was recorded as 57.4 million.

In general, Android is said as the most used operating system amongst some other available mobile OS. Is actually important to possible that because from the latest update made in the Android facebook application, users are using it a whole lot more. This update has been made only before 11 days with faster features, and easy navigation. It is always believed that users are definitely willing to use software when the user experience is faster and interface is easier of the app. Moreover, on 15th December, 2011 Facebook also released the new update feature useful to secure the new feature of Facebook – “Timeline”. But characteristic was not updated till 18th December, 2011 on an iPhone app.

The war between Android and iOS platform is heating up nowadays light and portable launch of new features and updates. It is anticipated that Google will soon launch a music service for direct competition with Apple’s iTunes. Both companies are competing too closely in the mobile arena.

Overall, there is lot to love about both mobile operating systems irritated is difficult to decide that which one is superior when it specially in order to differentiate on the foundation their applications.

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